canon printer error code 6000

Troubleshoot Canon printer Error Code 6000

Canon Inc. is a champion among the most driving equipment association which is giving us various astoundingly advanced electro things including cameras, steppers, camcorders, PC printers, scanners and various types of restorative rigging open in different models, features, and rates. The printers created by Canon are most reviving and first class device in the present market. It empowers customers to print adequately from the particular needed spot as required by them. It is a simple to utilize printer which can add up to each and every print work taught in their regular day to day existence.

Regardless of the way that printers and scanners created by Canon are incredibly top tier, but, being an electronic contraption may result in specific bungles while working. Among these errors, the most broadly perceived is Canon printer Error Code 6000. Today in this blog article, we will illuminate a couple of stages with the objective that a customer may fix this misstep by have.

Root cause of Canon Printer Error Code 6000

  • It mainly arises when the paper feed tray of Canon printer prevents its opening when something gets blocked in it, usually dust particles or paper pieces.
  • The error code 6000 may also arise when the tray is not correctly fitted in the printer.
  • The error code 6000 may also occur when we try to give a multiple paper print command at a single time.
  • It may also appear on your system when the printer is surrounded by lots of documents.
  • Line feed is either scratched or smeared.
  • When any defect arises in sensor unit or in-line feed slit.

Method to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code 6000

  1. First, unplug your Canon printer device from the power socket, and leave as it is for few seconds in the same pause mode.
  2. Next, re-plug the power cord of your printer and again Switch On it.
  3. Press and hold the “Power” button for few seconds. Then press the “Stop” button twice.
  4. Repeat this procedure one or two more times.
  5. Now this time release the “Power” button very slowly.
  6. At last, press the “Stop” button for four times.

For more Help & Support Contact Canon Printer Customer Support Number +1-888-326-0222.

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